ACE Scholarships

$100,000 to provide educational scholarships to
low-income students in Montana.

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ECA provides grant to benefit visually-impaired children

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Why the ECA Foundation?

Health and Wellness

ECA has a long and established history of giving back to our local communities. The company has a particular interest in maximizing the potential of youth through education. That’s why we established the ECA Foundation in 1996 and every year the company commits two percent of its cash flow to the foundation, which is ultimately invested in the communities where ECA operates.

We focus on: education, literacy, college access, outreach to at-risk youth, and fostering careers in energy. Through the ECA Foundation, we are investing in tomorrow’s leaders today.

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Grant Application Schedule

Power Your Future

The ECA Foundation evaluates grant applications on a quarterly basis.  However, the third quarter submission deadline is now closed and the ECA Foundation is on temporary hiatus.  Therefore, all future deadlines are suspended until further notice, so please check back regularly for future funding opportunities.

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